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My Core Is An Uphill Battle

Syrup Sandwhiches

When It Rains It Pours (And Sizzles)

The Fall (Finding What’s Above The Air I Breathe)

Burned Through The Overcast (Say Cheese!)

Navy Babies II (Call Them Never Ending Battles Or Small Blessings I Guess

Navy Babies I (The Bills Bills Bills)

Reflections On Cruelty (To Fear To Dream)

Dear Reflections (Save What Is Left Of Me)

With Time To Wait

The Protector

Full Plates, Full House

Highway Run (Lost Wallet)

When You Leave It Could Wait (But It Will Follow)

On Watch ( I’m Not Scared Of The Sea Anymore)

Tender Heat

Good Friday

Four Branches

Friend Of The Mind (To Keep This)

I Missed My Garden And My Garden Missed Me

Hold Still

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